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Committee Assignments:

  • Financial Institutions, Housing, and Urban Development Committee (Ranking Member)

  • Economic & Small Business Development Committee

  • Finance Committee

  • Finance Subcommittee on Health and Human Services

Responsibilities of an Ohio State Legislator

A State Representative is an elected official whose job is to serve as a direct link between those Ohioans he or she was elected to represent and state government. In order to best fulfill this role, a representative responds to constituent concerns and works to provide solutions through legislative action. In order to best serve their constituents, a state representative attends meetings of their local civic, social and business groups in addition to responding to mail, email and telephone correspondence from constituents in their district.

2010-2011 Session Sponsored Bills:

HB 43: A bill to increase the annual and aggregate limit on the amount of tax credits the Ohio Venture Capital Authority may authorize. This bill will encourage business development in the state.

HB 44: A bill to create the Small Business Working Capital Loan Program.  This law will provide loans to small businesses – the job creation engine of the state. 

HB 55: The bill would allow corporations to continue to make campaign contributions to candidates through political action committees. However, it would require transparent reporting on those donations, preventing companies and unions from hiding their political activities behind shell organizations, Goyal said Friday.

It also would stop businesses that obtain sizable state contracts from making campaign contributions using corporate money.

HB 87: A bill that would limit recovery of rate-case expenses for certain water-works and sewage disposal system companies.