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Editorial: Jay Goyal has earned another term

October 27, 2010

Mansfield News Journal

State Rep. Jay Goyal has worked hard for the voters of House District 73. As a young politician, he is known as a public servant who genuinely cares for his constituency, no matter which party they claim.

The young Democrat has worked hard in Columbus to keep government spending down. His opponents will try to color the 29-year-old as a deep blue Democrat, but that's not how Jay Goyal works.

His focus is on helping Ohio's economy, specifically by focusing on methods that benefit small business owners.

"We need to get our economy going, we need to be creating good paying jobs, not only here in Mansfield and north central Ohio, but across the state," he said. "We've been hit very hard economically over the years."

He's worked hard to accomplish that through his support for increasing venture capital investments and reducing cumbersome business regulations.

Additionally he is a strong supporter of the wildly popular Third Frontier project, a Republican generated program that funnels public dollars into creating high technology jobs.

Goyal is the second-ranking Democrat in the House. He is the vice chairman of the Faith-based Initiatives Committee, and also serves on the Economic Development, Finance and Appropriations and Veterans Affairs committees.

At 23, Goyal was first elected in 2006, earning 63 percent of the vote. He was re-elected in 2008 with 64 percent. Before his election, William Hartnett (D-Mansfield) held the seat for eight years, winning by at least 10 points each term.

Goyal also was recently listed as one of Time Magazine's 40 Under 40, which recognizes the young rising stars of American politics. His youth, as well as his record of service, earned him the distinction.

Goyal is running against Dr. David Nitzsche, who has strong beliefs in smaller government and personal freedoms. Nitzsche is a worthy opponent that could someday be a worthy political leader.

In this election, however, we believe voters should return Goyal to office, and let him continue to work hard for all Ohioans.