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TIME Magazine Names Rep. Goyal "Rising Star of U.S. Politics"

October 2010

Time Magazine Special Report
Original Article

TIME Magazine has included State Representative Jay Goyal (D-Mansfield) on their "40 Under 40- Rising Stars of U.S. Politics" list. Time calls Rep. Goyal and the 39 others on the list, "a new generation of civic leaders already at work trying to fix a broken system-- and restore faith in the process."

TIME’s profile of Rep. Goyal says, "In 2004 the Northwestern grad left daily duties at his parents' Mansfield, Ohio, manufacturing firm to run for a statehouse seat. He won it two years later. Now 29, the Democratic majority whip has been touted as a future governor."

The article includes Rep. Goyal’s answer to this question: What's the most overlooked issue facing America these days? "The biggest issues right now are the economy and jobs, and I don't think they're issues that are overlooked. When you start talking about education and health care, in my mind, all of that goes back to the economy."

This is the first year TIME has compiled the 40 Under 40 list.  The edition is on sale beginning Friday, October 16th. The article can also be read online.